Warrior King surprised about Stacious’ accusations

Warrior King would like to clear the air regarding the recent statements that were made by dancehall artiste Stacious about him and his manager on Instagram.

In a video which was posted on her Instagram page on Sunday Stacious accused the Virtuous Woman singer of forcing the promoters of the recently held Portmore Music Fest to put him on stage in the time slot that she was scheduled to perform.

The humble Rastafarian entertainer who is widely respected in the music industry not only for his talent but also for his high level of professionalism is surprised that Stacious has made such accusations against him and his manager.

“I was shocked to hear that Stacious has accused me of stopping her from performing at the Portmore Music Fest. I would never do that, I have the utmost respect for all my colleagues, and I would never disrespect a female artiste, I have the highest regards for all women,” said Warrior King.

He also added, “I was scheduled to go on stage at 12:40 am after Cham. So, I cannot be blamed for Stacious not performing.”

Warrior King is also peeved about the comments that were made about his wife who is also his manager.

“My wife Leslie-Ann Dyer is my manager she was with me at the Portmore Music Fest working in that capacity. My son was there too; we’re a musical family. I’m not the first artiste or musician to take his child to events. I don’t see why Stacious should have an issue with my wife and my son being at the event. I find her behaviour very disrespectful and distasteful,” he said.

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