Warrior King set to release Power to Chant video

Fourteen years after the release of his debut album, Virtuous Woman, Warrior King has decided to release a video for a song off the album titled Power to Chant.

Although the song was never released as single, it has become a crowd favourite in several places where he has toured over the years including the US and Europe.

“I always get a lot of request from fans to perform Power to Chant when I am on tour especially in the US, but I never thought of doing a video for it because it was released so long ago,” said Warrior King.

The video was filmed earlier this year when he toured the US.

“While I was in Texas my US drummer Ras Gilbert introduced me to a director by the name of John-Marc Lucid. He told me that Power to Chant is one of his favourite songs and he would love to make a video for it. So, we made all the necessary arrangements and filmed the video in Texas.”

Warrior King also disclosed plans to shoot videos for some of his other older releases, “ In the earlier stages of my career I didn’t do a lot of videos. Things are much different now; visuals are essential because the youths are now consuming music on YouTube and similar platforms. So, I plan to shoot more videos for some of my earlier hits,” he said.

Warrior King will premiere the Power to Chant video this Friday on HYPE TV’s popular Up and Live show at 7 pm.

The hard-working entertainer delivered a dominant performance on the first night of the recently held three-day Rastafari Roots Fest in Negril.

His set included crowd favourites such as Can’t Get Me Down, Jah Is Always there, Never Go Where the Pagans Go, Ain’t Giving Up and Virtuous Woman.

During his set Warrior King was joined on stage by his one-year-old son Isiah and upcoming reggae artiste Jabari.

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