Versatile Singer and Deejay Axxcess

Kevin Wellington, professionally known as Axxcess is a multitalented singer and deejay, who is originally from Church Pen, Old Harbour in St. Catherine, Jamaica, but now resides in Lluidas Vale in the same parish.

He has been creating a buzz with his new EP titled ‘Lubilaing’, produced by the St. Catherine based Lampshade Muzic. Tracks from the EP continue to enjoy fair rotation on radio stations in Jamaica and overseas. Fans are also updated regularly about the EP and Axxcess’ progress on social media.

Axxcess’ musical journey started back when he was 13 years old. At that time he decided this is what he wanted to do on a professional level; then started to hone his craft as a singer and deejay, to let people hear his message and to give them a look in the life of Axxcess. This is also his way of teaching people about Jah.

His decision was supported by family and friends who continues to encourage him to do music. This motivated him to use his voice as an instrument to sing reggae and dancehall music. Some of his motivation came from his love for music by Sizzla and “the fire man himself” Capleton. He looks forward to doing collaborations with both artistes.

Axxcess like many other Jamaicans loves music that originated in his country, but listens to and appreciates various other genres. He says, “I love reggae and dancehall mainly, but I love many other genres too.”

He wants his fans to know that he is currently working with Lampshade Muzic to release a new album. “I know they will enjoy the songs I am working on to complete the album, just like how they enjoy ‘Lubilaing’, ‘Gun Thing’, ‘Murdera’ and other songs I have.”

Axxcess has performed on stages all over Jamaica; his biggest so far are the ‘Linstead Ackee Festival’ and ‘Irie Acoustics Festival’ back in 2016.

He looks forward to performing more for his fans, especially on international stages and shares that he is planning to tour next year.

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