Trinidad and Tobago’s Singer Caleb Hart Talks About His Music

A natural born performer since he was a young boy growing up in Trinidad & Tobago; Hart has been taking his music across Canada and around the world to The Caribbean, Australia, USA and New Zealand full time since 2012. Along with racking up well over 800 shows in that time, he has also released 5 records, 12 singles, and won prestigious awards from Edmonton Folk Fest, the Western Canadian Music Awards and more. However, all of the sales, stats and awards are just the background to Hart’s mission to spread songs of hope and unity wherever he goes. Whether touring with a band or as a solo performer, Hart carries a singular ability to bring the audience together for the show and beyond. Read more… 



Queen Gee: Tell us about your music background and history?

Caleb Hart: Not sure where to start. I’ve been singing since I was four years young. Started playing the Djembe (African drum) when I was seven, writing and performing right after that. I started really pursuing a ‘career’ in music in 2010 as ‘Bravehart’. Started a roots reggae band called ‘Tasman Jude’ in January 2013 then we toured a lot. 525 shows in 3.5 years; won numerous awards and even had some #1’s in Canada. I went ‘solo’ in 2015 and have been continuously touring, writing and recording.


Queen Gee: Do you specialize in a particular musical genre?

Caleb Hart: I call what I do ‘Island Soul’ because you will always be able to tell I’m an island buoy (Tobago) and I put my soul in to everything that I do.


Queen Gee: What motivates your brand of music?

Caleb Hart: Love and all that aligns with love.


Queen Gee: Who are your biggest influences?

Caleb Hart: Damian Marley, Nas, Bunji Garlin, Andrea Bocelli, Ras Shorty I & Sizzla Kalonji


Queen Gee: Who does your music target?

Caleb Hart: Everyone: all ages, races, genders, ethnicities and religions. I write music that is relatable to those who have struggled, to those who want love and to those who believe in something greater than themselves.


Queen Gee: Tell us about your latest project.

Caleb Hart: After releasing 5 EP’s / Albums over the years, I decided in 2018 to go a different route. In collaboration with Trinidadian Producer ‘Track7’ I have been releasing a single per month since February. ‘Live in the Moment’ was the first, featuring Tennille Amor, then came ‘Relax’, an ode to my amazing mother, then ‘Go Away’, ‘Empress’, ‘Lost’, ‘Dream Come True’, ‘Who I Be’ and ‘Incredible Feeling’ featuring Buckman Coe. October, November and December’s singles have yet to be released. They will compile in to an 11 song album that I will be touring in 2019.

LISTEN “Live in the Moment”

Queen Gee: What feedback are you receiving from promoting your latest project?

Caleb Hart: People are loving the different #IslandSoul vibes. Track7’s production brings a lot of different styles to the table, which allows me, as a versatile vocalist to have some fun stylistically and lyrically.


Queen Gee: Where online is your music available for streaming and purchase?

Caleb Hart: Everywhere; Bandcamp, iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.


Queen Gee: Are there any plans for upcoming concerts/tours?

Caleb Hart: The biggest plans yet are in the making. Stay tuned to my socials @iamcalebhart for those announcements. 


Queen Gee: Who would you like to shout out for supporting your music career?

Caleb Hart: This question cannot be answered with one or two names. I am where I am because of the support of my ‘fam’ (I call my fans family). There are too many names to mention, but they know who they are.  



More information about Caleb Hart can be found at his website or on social media using @iamcalebhart

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