Tr3mma Jr. Gets Ready to Release Sencimena Smoking

Tr3mma Jr Reggae Artiste

U.K. based reggae singer Tr3mma Jr., formerly known as Singing White is getting ready to officially release one of his latest inspirations, titled “Sencimenia Smoking”.

The inspiration for this song which speaks about the smoking sencimenia came about when a friend of the artiste called to find out where he was and what he was up to on a particular day. His response led to him penning to the lyrics of “Sencimenia Smoking”.

Tr3mma Jr. shares, “It simply came from just vibing in the studio with a couple of music friends building beats having some drinks and smoking, then I received a phone call from another friend wanting to know where we were and what’s up. I replied, wi just deh yah at the studio vibing and sencimenia smoking enuh! My manager Topnail Banton heard and loved it so he produced it to the level it is today.”

The song is also one of the tracks on his soon to be released EP and is scheduled to be released on the sencimena riddim by the end of July 2016.

Tr3mma Jr. who started doing music back in 1987 and known for songs such as a cover version of Kenny Rogers’ You Decorated My LifeWorld DanceBlood A Run and Give Thanks remains fresh and focused as a musician and producer, so fans and well-wishers can look forward to more entertaining and positive music from him.

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