Toshon King Launches His Official Music Website

Toshon King Launches Music Website

Reggae Artiste Toshon King, who hails from Runaway Bay in the garden parish St. Ann, officially launches his music website today (May 31, 2016)!

The artiste is excited about the launch of his website, as he has always wanted to have his own space to share information with his fans and the press.

King recently started making his moves in the music industry with his debut five (5) track EP “Quench the Fear”, which is partially collaborated with USA singer Gia Yee.

He is satisfied with the publicity he has been receiving from promoting the EP on social media, but thinks he is better off if he centralizes his music and information in one area, from where he can share with the world.

Toshon says, “It’s official; it’s up: it’s available…for sure I can now penetrate the heart of my people through my music. My fans and well-wishers can now easily find me online, as I have ensured that there is a centralized spot on the world wide web where they can find information about me through my biography; listen my music through audio and video; see images of my many moods through my pictures; and follow up with my activities through my press releases. It gives me pleasure to share with you on this day, the official launch of my website: Be sure to stop by for a visit!”

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