Reggae video of the day – Toast by Koffee

The reggae video of the day is my favourite song by Koffee titled ‘Toast’.

Check out the chorus below:

Blessings all pon mi life and, Me Thank God fi di journey, di earnings a just fi di plus

Gratitude is a must. Me see Blessings fall by mi right hand. Toast to di friends weh tek off heavy load One time did sit down ina class and we bored, Den Oli seh do road and mi gwaan wid di road…more on YouTube.

Watch the official video for Toast!

About Koffee

Born in Spanish Town, just outside of Kingston, Jamaica, Koffee was bought up alone by her hard-working mother, her father having left for New York when Koffee was an infant. “Mummy struggled so I didn’t have to,” remembers Koffee. An occasional actress who works for the Ministry of Health and who gives sex education and body positivity talks to young people, Koffee’s mum sheltered her daughter from a lot of the violence that afflicted their community. “I was aware of curfews and shootings growing up, but it wasn’t necessarily a reality for me because I didn’t experience anything directly,” she says. “I would hear about gunshots over in [neighbouring] Gordon Pen, but where I live, in Eltham View, it’s a mellow vibe. It’s a pretty friendly community, we know each other for the most part and we get along well.” More about Koffee at Koffee

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