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Gillian Larmond

The Publicst

Planning, marketing and promotion are the main features that take a business, product or service to the top of any level or chart, to realize the result that is desired by an individual or group and these are the very elements that drives Gillian Larmond-Barrett to succeed in set tasks, as to her this is not just about the job; it’s her passion.

Gillian, also known as Lady Mystery in the Entertainment Industry is woman who is experienced in administration, radio broadcasting, media sales, media marketing and events planning. She is also an events host or emcee for just about any event she called to host.

Her career in administration began when she gained employment with a reputable law firm in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland as a legal secretary and was further enhanced in her role as secretary/manager for a non-governmental organization in the same parish. This NGO had a mission to foster development in the parish of Westmoreland; to facilitate skills training for youth development; and to work with various government and non-government agencies to keep stakeholders informed about plans for developing the various industries in the parish. It was from this early outset that Gillian started acquiring hands on knowledge of events planning, setting up various seminars, meetings, skills training programs and social events for the organization.

The professionalism with which she conducted her duties did not go unnoticed and this landed her a position with VYBZ 96.3 FM, a community radio station located in Savanna-la-Mar as a Sales and Marketing Representative. This also opened a new avenue for her to dabble in radio broadcasting and the knowledge and opportunities gained in this new role exposed her to the entertainment industry through live broadcasts in studio and from various events, interviews of various local and international artistes and so on.

Although radio broadcasting provided new knowledge and opened the doors to meeting and socializing with many talented and affluent persons in the music industry, Gillian did not give up her role as a sales and marketing representative and was promoted to being assistant manager for this department. Her determination to remain in this department was stemmed from her passion for planning, creativity and the end result, which is seeing the satisfied looks on the faces her superiors and other stakeholders.

After leaving the radio station, Gillian gained employment as a journalist with the Western Mirror, which is a newspaper located in Montego Bay, that features news, entertainment etc., focusing on the western parishes of Jamaica. Though this was short lived, she gained experience as a writer, as she was entrusted with the position of correspondent for the parish of Westmoreland, which entailed news reporting, as well as writing features and stories for the newspaper.

Currently, Gillian is operating her own company, known as Mystique Public Relations, a company that is committed to produce the best results for its clients…artiste management; artiste promotion; marketing, etc.

For Gillian the sky is the limit; if you try and is not successful keep trying, and always remember that every experience, no matter how short lived, plays a vital role in your personal development. Keep adding them together to make you marketable. After all that’s what life is all about…marketing and promotion!!!