The Carey James Interview

Meet The Carey James, a multi faceted recording artiste, song writer, musician and producer based in Kingston Jamaica. He is Armed with a plethora of lyrics, talent and the aptitude to excel and aims to give listeners a euphoric feel each time they hear his music. Exposed to numerous music legends while growing up, he has seen his sound likened to Jamaican greats such as Shaggy, Diana King and Sean Paul…(from The Carey James’ biography).


Queen Gee: Tell us about your music background and history?

The Carey James: I’ve been making music since I was 14 years old when I started experimenting with beats. I had a general Idea of music because of the musical background of my family. My dad was a recording artist (Gospel) and plays numerous instruments. Numerous persons on both sides of the family (mom’s side also) are musicians too so I was heavily exposed to music from an early age. I developed the craft through high school and University, first focusing on being a producer then forming a performing group with friends. When the group broke apart in 2017, I began to embark on a solo career. My first single was released in February 2018.

Queen Gee: Do you specialize in any particular musical genre?

The Carey James: I specialize in Reggae music even though I am heavily influenced by many other genres.

Queen Gee: What motivates your brand of music?

The Carey James: My music is a reflection of my personality. I am driven to motivate and educate while promoting the freedom to have fun. I pick topics from the experiences of not only myself, but my loved ones and create stories about them.

Queen Gee: Who are your biggest influences?

The Carey James: Musically I’m influenced a lot by Bob Marley, Damian Marley, Chronixx and Sean Paul for their accomplishments and music. In general life, my mom has a lot of influence on my thought pattern.

Queen Gee: Which producers have you worked with to date?

The Carey James: So far, I have worked with Vladimir Krkljush (from Serbia), Ghost Music (New York), Dj Kunteh Records, Deadline Records, Natel, Dr. Dre Renaissance and my own team at Pondemik Records.

Queen Gee: Who does your music target?

The Carey James: My music targets Reggae lovers worldwide. It also targets people who have had bad experiences and needs motivation.

Queen Gee: Tell us about your latest project.

The Carey James: My latest release is called Can’t Believe (RIP). This song is a reflection of my feelings after losing someone close to me. The song is produced by DJ Kunteh Records.

Queen Gee: What feedback are you receiving from your promotion your latest project?

The Carey James: The feedback has been extremely positive for this project as people who are going through the same thing can relate. The story of the song depicts a common situation in most of Jamaica’s inner-city communities and hence is very relatable.

Queen Gee: Where is your music available for streaming and purchase?

The Carey James: My music is available on all digital platforms.

Queen Gee: How can your fans connect with you online?

The Carey James: Instagram: @thecareyjames | Twitter: @thecareyjamesja | Facebook: @thecareyjames

Queen Gee: Are there any plans for upcoming concerts/tours?

The Carey James: This summer I will be doing the Circuit in Kingston Jamaica then look to expand my market from there.

Queen Gee: Who would you like to shout out for supporting your music career?

The Carey James: I would like to shout out my team, my mom, and a few DJs, like Spike Hammond (Kiss FM PT) who have been there pushing my music from day 1.

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