Spice Rocks Binghamton University

Spice is arguably the best female performer in Dancehall music

Spice is arguably the best female performer in dancehall music.

The vivacious Dancehall star who is widely known for her high energy performances and her suggestive stage antics recently delivered a show-stopping performance at Binghamton University in New York City.

“It was a pleasure performing for and interacting with my fans at Binghamton the show was amazing.

I did a full set that included all the big songs like Fight Ova Man, Jim Screechie and So Mi Like It.

I also performed my new song “Needle Eye” it was a big hit with the audience. It really melted my heart to hear the audience sing along to all my songs,” said Spice.

Spice is fully booked for the entire Yuletide season. Her next big assignment will be the Love Fest festival in St. Lucia.

“I’m heading to St. Lucia this weekend to perform at the Love Fest festival alongside Pop Caan, Christopher Martin and Gully Bop.  After that, I will travel to the US for a series of shows in Florida and New York. I am also booked for some events at home. This time of year is always very busy; it’s a lot of work travelling to all these different destinations to perform for my fans but I don’t mind because I love them,” she said.

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