Spice and her family visit Maxfield Park Children’s Home for ChristmasThe children at the Maxfield Park Children’s home were in for a pleasant surprise when they were visited by Dancehall star Spice on Christmas Day.

Accompanied by her two children, her fiance Nicholas Lall and members of her Team Spice dance group the entertainer visited the children’s home that is located at 89 Maxfield Avenue in Kingston bearing gifts for the children.

Spice and her family visit Maxfield Park Children’s Home for Christmas 2

“I’ve had a great year, and I wanted to share some of my blessings with the children at the Maxfield Park Home. I normally send stuff to Food for the Poor but this year I wanted to do something different.  I’ve always wanted to visit one of the children’s homes in Kingston with my family, so I decided to visit the Maxfield Park Home on Christmas Day. It was heartwarming to see the children smiling as they opened their gifts.”

“I want my kids to understand that it is very important to show love and share what we have with those who are less fortunate. My daughter made friends with one of the little girls at the home, and now she keeps asking me when we are going to visit again,” said Spice.

Spice whose real name is Grace Hamilton said she is very impressed with the way the management and staff of the Maxfield Park Children’s Home operate the facility.

“I have to commend all the persons working at the children’s home; they are doing an excellent job. I plan to continue to supporting the home in whatever way I can because what they are doing is very important. I also want to encourage other artistes to come on board and offer some financial assistance and help to improve the home for the children,” said the artiste.

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