Song Competition


Mystique Online Song Competition seeks to identify and highlight budding Jamaican singers/songwriters through this one category online song competition.

Singer/Songwriter Category: For new artistes or groups, who write their own lyrics and sing their own songs.


Competitors will vie for Song Production (all expense covered for rhythm production, recording, mixing, mastering and release of a single that is written and performed by the winner), a three month Public Relation Campaign by Mystique Professional Services, CD cover and PR Campaign designs by WCDezygns to aid the budding career of the winner.


Singers/Songwriters submit your songs, photograph and biography via email with the subject “Mystique Online Song Competition”, from now until March 15, 2018.


We will select and publish top twenty (20) songs from submissions.


Winners will be selected by popular vote on this website Songs and pictures of top twenty (20) entrants will be posted on the website to encourage voting. Voting closes on April 28, 2018.


These are the rules of the competition:

  1. One entry (one song) per person or group
  2. The lyrics must be in English or Patois/Patwa
  3. The song/lyric can be the product of more than one writer (a co-write)
  4. Sound quality will not be a factor in the judging process

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