Singer and Songwriter Jahbari Clair

Jahbari Clair has an outstanding talent that is uniquely fresh and ready to entertain and empower people through his brand of reggae/dancehall music.

The singer whose given name at birth is Leanord Clair hails from Mocho, which is located in Clarendon, Jamaica and started singing at an early stage in his life; after recognizing his talent as a teenager and took it seriously by age 15.

While many artistes were motivated by relatives or friends in the early stage of their career, Jahbari Clair was stimulated to develop his musical skills by motivating himself. “My passion and drive keeps me motivated and going because I am self motivated and determined to be the best I can be,” says the artiste.

However, he shares that his style of music was influenced by local and international singers, Bugle, Sizzla, Garnet Silk, Brian McKnight and Bob Marley.

Jahbari is not a great player of any musical instrument, but he has an interest in perfecting his skills as a pianist. As such he is learning to play the piano and hopes to be good at it soon. He says, “I am learning the piano, not yet a good player, but I can help myself with few chords and notes.”

The singer who is responsible for writing some of his songs; ‘First Time Being in Love’, ‘I’ll Be There’, ‘Try My Love’, ‘Sweet Reggae Music’, ‘Good relationship’ and a cover version of ‘Lonely is the Night’ has recorded with producers, Al Taylor – Altitude Records Inc., Jonathan McKenzie –  Stamma Drummer Production, Theresa Kemp – E.M.M.P records Inc., Israel Ronald – M.S.F music and Christopher Reid – Bless Up Promotion.

Some of his songs are collaborations with artistes Le Truck, RC and Naveeda. He loves to do music with artistes whose songs he enjoys listening and hope to collaborate with Bugle, Chronixx, Sophia Brown and Etana.

Jahbari Clair enjoys performing live to any size audience and has been on several shows, including ‘Christmas Jamboree’ in Mount Airey, Clarendon in 2015 & 2016, ‘Live Up Dance & Stage Show’ in St Elizabeth and ‘Rom & Bobby Memorial’ in Darlow Clarendon this year. “I love performing live and always rehearsing my songs and practicing stage presence before my mirror, preparing for any show bookings,” says Jahbari Clair.

He is a firm believer that people have to be discipline in any field they align themselves, in order to overcome challenges, to make the best of their opportunities and to be successful. Although it’s hard to get a good manager to put my music out there so the world can hear me, I still try to put out good music, manage my time well and meet all my obligations. Some things are just mind over matter so I encourage new artistes to just do their best always, because only the best good enough.”

The singer endeavours to continue writing, singing, recording and performing great music that people will love and enjoy. He says, “Positive music is all l am about. In the near future I’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. My spirituality stands out because I am always in communication with the Almighty one.”


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