Shivaun Rufus “Judgement Day”

Shivaun Rufus also known as Shivaun was born on April 11,1992 in Kingston, Jamaica to parents Clinton Rufus (from the Gladiators band) and Mother Irene Rufus.

Shivaun began singing and performing at church at the tender age of 4. In 1996 she attended Brown’s Little People Prep school, where she continued to thrill audiences at special events. She began to further “Let her light shine” while a student at Meadowbrook High School in 2014, by participating in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) drama, dance and music festivals. She received gold, silver and bronze medals for solo and group pieces for her outstanding performances. Performing arts has always been an integral part of her life and this is shared with a passion for medicine.

This tiny lady with a big voice has two songs which has been officially released, titled ” Try” on the Big Woman Tingz album and “Runaway”, a collaboration with Kosha the Soljah.

Shivaun has also released her new single entitled “Judgement day”, which is produced by Lastar Music. She is also finalizing musical ideas for an EP to be release later this year.

She continues to grace stages for charity, corporate and other functions. Get updates about Shivaun Rufus and her music on Instagram.

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