Veteran Artistes Lead The Way On The Sex Appeal Rhythm

Veteran Artistes Lead The Way On The Sex Appeal Rhythm

Reggae singer Lovingold is in high spirits as he gets ready to release his debut rhythm project.

The rhythm which is called the Sex Appeal rhythm features songs from Thriller U (Fake Love), Phillip Fraser (Find Another Girl) and Lovingoldschool (Sex Appeal).

The Clarendon born artiste is extremely excited about the project .

“I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about this project everyone who has heard the songs loves them. I am confident that with the right promotion all three songs will do well both locally and overseas. Therefore I am going to do everything I can to give them maximum promotion,” said Lovingoldschool.

All three songs are slated to be released next month on his new imprint Lovingoldschool Records.

“The songs were sent to radio two weeks ago, they’re getting strong support from DJs in Canada, Jamaica, the US, the UK, Africa and Europe. The project will be officially released next month in the meantime I’m putting things in place to increase the rotation on all of the songs,” he said.

Lovingoldschool given name (Neville Gordon) added, “I want the fans to know that they can look out for a lot more rhythm projects from me after this one is released. I’m also working on an EP that I plan to release later this year.”

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