Sam Odu Releases ‘Don’t Cry’

East London songwriter Sam Odu is releasing his new single, ‘Don’t Cry’ featuring Ivelina Tsoneva on vocals. ‘Don’t Cry is produced by Andy Whitmore (Peter André, Atomic Kitten, Elton John) and mastered by Fran Ashcroft (Damon Albarn (Blur)Abbey Road StudiosEMI Music).

Ivelina Tsoneva

In 1996, Sam Odu lost his wife to breast cancer, and for that reason, he stopped creating music and focused on bringing up his little boy. Since 2010, Sam Odu became wheelchair-bound, and his body shot down from the inflammation of his spine.

However, Sam Odu suddenly remembered when he was ten years old, his keyboard/organist tutor asked him, “what similarities does the aeroplane and the bird have?”. The answer is that the bird has wings and can fly up in the sky, too. This metaphor resonated to him and got him to believe that he too, can be a songwriter, even in his physical condition. Remembering this, this gave Sam Odu the drive to do what he loves doing—creating music that people can enjoy.

‘Don’t Cry’ also features Ivelina Tsoneva (pictured) on vocals, a graduate from National Academy of Music, the most prestigious higher education music school in Bulgaria. The track will be released worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more on 6th April 2018.

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