Ryzin accuses Versatile of stealing his Tek Mi Picture song

RyzinInternational recording artiste Ryzin has accused Versatile of ripping off the lyrics of his song titled Tek Mi Picture.

The Boston-based deejay said he recently found out that Versatile has released a song titled Tek Yuh Picture, which features lyrics that were originally used in Tek Mi Picture.

“I found out that Versatile stole my lyrics and melody and used it in his song when one of my fans tagged me in a video clip that Versatile posted on Instagram to promote his song.”

Ryzin is unhappy that Versatile is unwilling to admit that he has used the lyrics and melody of Tek Mi Picture.

“After I listened to Versatile’s song I contacted him on Instagram and pointed out to him that he has infringed on my copyrights. I thought that he would let us have an intelligent discussion and work things out, but instead dissed me. I’m not pleased with his actions my song is legally copyrighted. This song was released on my daughter’s label in February, so Versatile is not only stealing from me he is also stealing from a two-year-old baby, he is a wicked man,” said Ryzin.

Ryzin has brought the matter to the attention of ASCAP, and he is also seeking legal counsel on the matter.

“My publishing is administrated through ASCAP, all my songs are legally copyrighted through them, so I have brought the matter to their attention. I am also talking to my attorneys. It’s really up to Versatile to do the right thing; he needs to give credit where it’s due and issue a public apology for what he has done.”

Tek Mi Picture was recorded in 2014. However, it was not officially released until the 7th February 2016.

“I recorded the song in 2014 and put it on YouTube; it was also released on mix tapes done by various popular mix tape DJs including DJ Kenney. It was officially released on Itunes last month on the Roxie Records label.”

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