Reggae`s Sleeping Giant Stuart Wilson is Waking Up the Business

Reggae`s Sleeping Giant Stuart Wilson is Waking Up the Business

Reggae Music quite literally has a sleeping giant within its ranks. Stuart Wilson is an artist who it seems is obviously not seduced by fame or fortune and instead, quietly goes about making music that, will no doubt rise above much of the sounds currently flooding listeners, as more people continue to discover his music.

He has been compared to Peter Tosh, as well as Bob Marley, with a twist of John Lennon and Eric Clapton and continues to make waves with every move he makes.

Stuart Wilson is causing a stir.

Stuart Wilson says he has actually been trying to avoid over exposure though and what he calls ‘wagonism’ and ‘falsehood’ in the business. His music however, is making it increasingly difficult for him to continue to fly below the radar in the market place. The artist is becoming well known for his works with Clive Hunt and Dean Fraser, as well as Grammy Winner Jason Gilbert. These include tracks such as Real Come Back Story, Three Kings, Rule the World and Leroy Can’t Be Wrong.

Stuart Wilson uses his own independent label Love Culture Entertainment as the vehicle to bring his music to the world.

(Real Come Back Story was one of the top 22 trending songs in Brussels upon release in late 2013.) This was just around the time that Stuart Wilson quit his job as a senior professional journalist with a reputable paper and started to look after what he calls his, “spiritual and musical responsibility”.

Just months later the artist would be playing Reggae Sumfest in 2014. He then set off to Thailand on a three month Asian tour, where he played 72 shows over three months; returning in February of this year and retreating to his beach home in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

The artist also did a six week run in London City before heading on to the Panam Games in Toronto, Canada.

Shortly after returning from those commitments, Stuart Wilson says he decided to take a break from the road and focus on putting together more material to broaden his catalog.

Now back in Jamaica, Stuart Wilson says he is gearing up to launch a new single and will be taking new bookings in the months ahead.

Without a doubt, a man who doesn’t seem phased by the ‘business’ but who is simply content to make great music is rare but the sound and style of Reggae that Stuart Wilson is playing is also not common by any means. He knows that he and his music may be a little ahead of their time and it can be seen quite readily that this is something he takes great pride in.

“It’s a hybrid,” explains the artist, who does not do many interviews, is rarely seen in public and would prefer to relax on the beach or on his porch at home in Kingston, Jamaica while puffing on a ganja spliff of the Island’s finest and strumming his guitar. Stuart Wilson finances his entire career – from recording to promotion – on his own and records on his very own independent label, Love Culture Entertainment. He is the Executive Producer and Song Writer, while Clive Hunt assists with arrangements and co-produces the songs.

He has turned down huge offers to tour saying he is content to enjoy his solitude but says he knows it is important to be there for his fans, who love the live experience and thoroughly enjoy seeing him at work.

Wilson is an enigma, a man of many moods and great mystery and someone I will never forget meeting.

Look out for his new single ‘Feel for You” produced by Clive Hunt in the coming weeks.

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