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Reggae singer and songwriter Sycorah has just released the first single and official video for “Skin” (2017) from her forthcoming EP “Rustique Energy” which is set to be released in 2018. “Skin” is produced by Delroy “Phatta” Pottinger from Phat Trax Records in Jamaica.  He also produced her recent release “Undercover Lover” (2017).

Her distinctive smooth soulful Lovers Rock sound can be described as being reminiscent of Lauryn Hill and the strong delivery compared to Diana King.

Sycorah was born Simone Samantha Daley to former teacher Desmond Daley and Singer Barbara Brown. She is the second of four children and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Her musical career began in 2009 with an introduction to legendary Reggae producer Bobby Digital.  Sycorah recalls, “Bobby Digital said I had a ‘fresh sound’ and we started working together that very same night in the studio.”She enjoyed working with Digital and went on to complete her first single “Satisfy You” (2010). It was brought to life on the airways by radio disc jockey Mighty Mike. The song played over the Tantric Rhythm on Irie FM.

Sycorah was inspired by her parents.  Her late mother was a Dancehall artist known as “Sneaking Rachel.”She managed Sycorah’s music career until she died. Miss Brown’s last words to her daughter were “You’re going to be a star.”  She also carries the words of her father who continues to be a forceful influence for her success. His motto of encouragement to her is “If you believe in something hard enough you will achieve.”

In 2009, Sycorah recorded two dubs, “Healing” and “Your Fingers.”They were later released in 2010 by producer Mikey Brooks on the Coptic Lion Record Label. She changed her name to “Sycorah” when she decided to pursue a professional music career and felt compelled to reinvent herself.  Sycorah later went on to work with Ernie Wilks on a single called “Keep It on the Low”(2010) on Rude Boy Rhythm on Wilks’ label Mistawilks Productions.

Sycorah has also worked with producer/singer Elijah from Switzerland on a single called “Tell Me How You Feel,” and is currently working on her forthcoming “EP” while preparing for an upcoming tour. We will all certainly be hearing more of this distinctive voice in 2017 and beyond.
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