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Dickie Elijah Bonnick, professionally known as Prophet Elijah was born in Main Ridge, Clarendon, Jamaica, to parents Moses Richards (Father) and Mildred Mintha Bonnick (Mother) on June 28, 1961.

He is a full time Minister of Religion and Herbal Physician, who fathers 53 children, most of whom are alive and well. When not writing songs of inspired happenings around him, he enjoys ministering and planning adventure with his family.

Prophet Elijah shares positive messages by preaching the gospel and through recorded songs that he writes and sings. His musical talent was realized through a spiritual awakening that he loves to share as it is a supernatural one that he gives praises for every moment of his existence.

HIS ENCOUNTER WITH SPIRITUALITY – His revelation about how he recognized his talent as a singer and songwriter and how he was groomed to use it to prepare and deliver various messages of self-actualization, positive mind set, redemption and more:

“I love singing from childhood. However, because I was not able to read and write I couldn’t do much about it. But in 1988 the Spirit of God put me on a ninety (90) days prayer and fasting, which humans say was impossible to be done, thinking no man could have ventured such a task and live.

I was ordered by the spirit to take my family, abandon my dwelling house and move permanently to the mountain, and bring not even as much as a plastic folk from my dwelling house. My then wife ran away to America leaving me and the kids, stating I’m getting mad, but it was my bonded duty to obey God. So I took my two sons, one daughter and my then secretary, Puncinella and we journeyed to the mountain. The spirit also instructed me that I must build my house out of bamboo and dirt (earth). I did as I was instructed.

We left for the fasting January 1988. I started the fasting on the 1st day of March and on the 31st of March at 7:00 pm the powers of the Almighty and his anointing was poured out upon me and immediately a voice spoke out of the elements and said you have now received the gift to read and write. So I started writing on the 1st day of April 1988, since then I have written thousands of songs. I don’t know if I will get to sing them all during my life time, but my intention is to write books as I was instructed so people can have the lyrics to sing. I was also instructed by the Most High God never to trim nor shave and never to write foolishness, so all my lyrical content is based on true stories, in other words reality.

Since then I have written many prophecies that came to past. On the 16th of June 2000, I married an American. On the 31st of August at 11:45 pm I receive a message from God and was instructed to write an article. When she got home I told her what was going to happen. She said that she is going to leave because no power under the sun could have told me such things and eventually it did come to past as was prophesied. Some of the prophecies are so powerful, as long as the world exits all nations shall read about it. So here I am still writing, still predicting and they all have/will come to past.

Furthermore, I am not one of those prophets that prophesy after the event, I always prophesy and send the message to the appropriate person or people long before it comes to past, so the name/title Prophet is not a fake. That is who I am.”

THE MUSICAL JOURNEY – Recording messages in songs:

Prophet Elijah loves listening to music from some of Jamaica’s top reggae music legends and icons, such as Bob Marley, Tiger, Sanchez, Garnett Silk, Coco Tea, Gregory Isaacs, Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, Beres Hammond, Freddie McGregor and many more. Though his musical career is mainly inspired by The King, which is the Most High God, he gets some level of inspiration for the Reggae Legend, Bob Marley.

In 2001, Prophet Elijah decided to professionally record some of the songs that he wrote. He has since recorded scores of singles and numerous albums, which include his 17 track album “Beautiful Bride”, “Jah Jah Seh No”, two gospel albums, “Y2K” and “Voice of the Future”, all recorded for Sure Shot Music and Choice Gospel Singers.

The Reggae Singer/Songwriter has a lot of songs that are written and still unrecorded. He continues to work on putting out new albums for the people to hear his messages, love songs and more!! His songs are currently distributed by Hapilos and CD Baby.

The name Prophet Elijah is a prominent one in the music industry. This is largely due to his prophesies, his style of music and exposure he received when he entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Festival Song Competition in 2003, where he was placed in the top 10, and the Red Stripe Big Break Competition back in 2006.

Prophet Elijah feels a sense of great achievement knowing that his music is hitting the market in places beyond his reach, such as Europe, Africa, USA and Asia, and is doing extremely well. He is confident that his music will be on every billboard chart in the world and will hit the market platinum.


“The messages I transmit through my music serve to indoctrinate the future generation to separate themselves from the mental oppression through true divine inspiration. That can only be given to man by The King.

I want people to realize that the minority is holding the majority hostage and it’s through that why crime and violence is exhilarating in our society. I am also, trying to send a positive message around the globe that as long as we stay divided the oppression and torture which we are under will continue. But, if we become united and speak with one voice the oppression must stop and the bureaucrats, which are ruling the world with their band of sufferation and their clans will surrender.

Also, until mankind start realizing that handing out and anything you get free is a part of slavery to trap people from all walks of life to stay in poverty. The fastest way to eradicate this tenet is to educate all our people, young and old. But Babylon already created a system to batter people’s self-esteem; to make people think little of themselves and who they really are, so because of poverty they submit their dignity to unrighteous leaders.

So the world and minority of Jah people are trapped in an enchantment of the philosophy of Babylon and someone have to get up and stand up for equal rights and justice, but too often people are afraid to speak because of fear of death. This is due to the fact that we are looking for too much in the physical and not taking time to study the metaphysical, but someone has to face the bull by the horn.

When you are a prophet and are subjected to The King you have to do what you have to do, because every prophet has a limited time to carry out their duty, and if you try to hold on to the physical life, the work of the Almighty will never go through the way it supposed to. Prophets have to subject themselves to know that you have to do justice here. In addition, when you are a true prophet, people will never see the necessity and the true reality until the prophet is gone to join the metaphysical force. Since the days of John the Baptist all prophets suffered by the hands of Babylon and Jah says “He that loveth his life shall surely lose it and he that hateth his life in this world shall have it everlasting.”

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