Reggae Singer Imar Shephard

Imar Shephard is an exceptional singer, songwriter and performer, who originally hail from Cedar Valley, St. Thomas Jamaica.

The singer now resides in Kingston where he focuses on developing his profession as a musician; proficiently polishing his skills daily, to improve on the career his started building about seven years ago. “I started singing professionally about seven years ago. Having heard many compliments from peers and industry pundits, I decided to take singing on the circuit more seriously and work earnestly on carving out a professional career,” says the artiste.

He feels blessed to be surrounded by family and other well-wishers who supports his dream and encourages him by assisting with music promotion and attending events where he performs. He even gives credit to his mother and a late uncle who themselves were singers in their own rights, for partly motivating his decision to become an artiste. He said, “My mother sings in Church and I had an Uncle (now deceased) who was a singer. Both were extremely influential in my choice of career.”

He has a unique style and sound that he works hard to develop and shares that, “No one person has influenced my style. I draw from different artistes and blend to have a style wholly my own.” This is noticeable in his songs and as well as his delivery in stage performances.

Imar Shephard is not one who relaxes easily when it comes to his music career; he is always searching for ways to make it better and more interesting. He has even started learning to play the guitar. The artiste adds versatility to his repertoire by performing songs from other genres, but maintains reggae music as his foundation. Some of his songs are written by him, including; ‘My Queen’ – written by and featuring Demarco, ‘Black and Beautiful’, ‘Deliverance’, ‘Mama Afrika, ‘Feelings’, plus many more, working with producers, such as CaliBud, Bobby Digital, Collin ‘Demar’ Edwards, Giark and a few reputable producers from overseas, to get the quality production he wants for his music.

Imar Shephard loves performing!!! Give him as stage and he is at home. He has performed at many small and major events in Jamaica, such as ‘Saint Mary Mi Come From’ in 2011 & 12, ‘Blue Mountain Fest’ in 2014 and ‘Stepping High Fest’ in 2017. He has also performed in the UK and other countries outside of Jamaica.

In every aspect of life we are faced with obstacles, but how we deal with them speaks volume. Imar Shephard has an aim to not just be a hit maker, but to impact others in a conscious and entertaining manner through his music, so there is no thought of giving up. He says, “There are a lot of challenges, but none that are out of the norm. People come and go, and not always with the artists best interests at heart. The entertainment industry is a hard nut to crack. Whether a singer, dancer or promoter when it comes to creativity there is competition and where there is competition there is ego…the battle is testing, but I trust Jah never give a man more than he can bear. This is my destiny, so I humble and sing off the challenges.”

There is much more to get from this young, humble, vibrant, talented artiste. So look out for more emotive lyrics, audience participation, humor and sincerity. As for new releases, follow his social networking sites where fans will be privy to upcoming tour dates and some fantastic competitions.

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