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August 21, 1969 was a special day…it was the day a musical star was born to parents Murdelyn Parnell and Lester Gordon in Claremont, St. Ann, Jamaica. On that day when he was presented to them, they had no idea that their son, who they named Collymore Gordon, would become ‘CHEKCA’, a musical messenger.

Collymore ‘Chekca’ Gordon was educated at the Claremont All Age School up to age 13 and later relocated to Boscobel, in the parish of St. Mary where he attended the Oracabessa Secondary School.

It was during his youthful days he recognized his love and passion for reggae music and knew that he wanted to be a part of it. He built his own drums from coconuts and guitar from fish line and sardine tins to play music. This later inspired him to turn his passion into a meaningful music career as a singer and songwriter; giving him the opportunity to share his social, political, religious, and other views with those who listen his music.

Chekca’s ability to write good stories was also evident from his youthful days.  At age 14, he was awarded a prize for writing a story about his pet. The continuous practice of writing good stories and his aptitude to discern what’s going on in his environs and around the globe, has developed his creative ability to write all the lyrics for his songs.

His singing and writing talent coupled with influences in reggae music, such as Bob Marley, Maxi Priest, Frankie Paul, Dennis Brown and Lucky Dube, helped propel his career as reggae music artiste by age 20. At this age he recorded and released his first single titled “Mother Baby”, which highlights the issues of teenage pregnancy and ‘Babies Having Babies’ syndrome that is prominent in our world today.

He later completed two albums, “My Story” and “No Lie”. From his “My Story” album Chekca wrote and sang about his life story and it is reflected in singles such as, ‘Mi Granny’, ‘Fay’ and “Tough Times in the Neighborhood”. Inspiration surely knocked again, hence the production of his second album, with singles such as ‘Money’ and ‘Miss in Love With Money’, which speaks about women who loves to spend all their money at once with no plans to save.

Chekca’s passion for writing the messages he conveys are meant to be appealing and memorable; reminding everyone of the things we do in life and how we should live. This consciousness is a journey created to help educate the masses and allow them to appreciate the culture of reggae music and the Island of his birth; JAMAICA.

The artiste who likes to perform live for his fans intends to travel the world to perform for reggae lovers around the globe and looks forward to performing to people of other culture who are willing to learn about his culture.

The world will be blessed with much more albums and singles from Chekca who is currently working on releasing his third album and promoting his latest single “MY EVERYTHING”; a song in which the artiste expresses his gratitude to his Queen for her love and for being there for him throughout his journey!!

Much more to come for from CHEKCA in 2018 and beyond!!!

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Telephone: 1-876-844-8699 | 1-876-804-0616

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Telephone: 1-239-823-4616

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