Reggae Fusion Artiste Maticulus Auburn

Duhaney Park, in Kingston Jamaica has produced some outstanding reggae and dancehall artistes such as Konshens and there is no doubt that many more will rise out of that community to make it just as big or bigger on the music scene.

Mario Thompson, whose stage name is Maticulus Auburn was born and raised in Duhaney Park and plans to be one Jamaica’s top reggae artistes, performing all over the globe and making music that will be loved by many.

Maticulus Auburn has been doing music for more than six (6) years; however it wasn’t until two (2) years ago he started doing it professionally. His family has always been aware of his talent and encourages his decision to do music…for this he is grateful. He shares that, “My dad bought me a mic and interface, and I am very grateful.”

One could say he is from a musical family, as his mother was a backup singer for Chakula (Keznambi & Kelissa’s parents). His brother is the owner of a Blues/Rock band and a talented guitarist.

Maticulus Auburn describes his style of music as reggae & fusion, which is a mixture of multiple genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, etc. His style was influenced by singers like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson, Miriam Makeba, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Damian Marley and of course Bob Marley.

This talented singer is also a songwriter and has written and recorded “Vertigo” produced by Jon-Ross Kelly and “All for You” produced by Roe Summerz. He has also worked with producer WengDiDj and has many more productions coming on stream soon.

It is every artistes dream to perform at major festivals across the globe, but one has to begin somewhere.  Maticulus Auburn is in the early stage of his musical journey but had the opportunity to perform at “Heart in the Arts” back in 2016, as well as other smaller platforms.

The singer has big dreams and would love to collaborate with Protoje, Chris Brown, Damian Marley, Adele and Rihanna someday soon. He has done collaborations with Dmitri Izem, Blvk H3ro and NeeQah.

When asked how he balances his music career with other obligations, such as job, family, etc., he replies, “Music is ‘My Plan A’ so I always put music first, if I’m working it is to fund my music. So all I do is keep reminding myself of why I started and where I want to be.”

Most new Jamaican artistes often speak about the challenges they face regarding media promotion and radio air play. Maticulus Auburn is faced with similar experiences and says, “It is really hard to be heard if you’re not willing to pay. It’s all about who you know and how much you network, but I wish the radio stations where more supportive of building Jamaican talent and not so much of the international acts, in regards to getting more plays on the airways.”

As an upcoming singer himself, Maticulus Auburn urges others who are pursuing a career in music to: “Be sure that you are doing it for the right reasons, which is passion and love. Prepare your mind and know what you are getting yourself into, be patient, work hard and be willing to give up sleep.”

Look out for this talented artiste who is working hard to give you his all. He says, “Expect passionate and heartfelt performances, songs that you can listen to and feel like am talk about you, songs that are true to self, songs that you can listen to motivate you to chase your dreams like I’m chasing mine.”

For more information about this talented, entertaining and conscious artiste, search Social Media platforms for @MaticulusAuburn:


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