What have you been up to Wormbass?

Reggae Singer Wormbass
Reggae Singer Wormbass

Reggae Singer and Bass Guitarist Wormbass shares with us what he has been up to lately, and says:

“Well usually I would be on tour in Europe about this time of year with “ Inna Di Yaad”. However we’ve all had to rearrange our routines this year haven’t we? I’ve personally been taking these changes in strides and have been using the time to reconnect with my family, myself and my craft.

I have been using 2020 as an opportunity to reconnect with Mama Earth and have found great joy in spending the last couple months farming food for my family. I have just recently reaped the final harvest and in a time where the future seems uncertain is a joy to see that we can still depend on Mama Earth to provide for us.

I have been paying careful attention to the events happening around the world along with my fans who I have really been able to connect with more than ever. I have found inspiration in the fact that a lot of what I wrote about in my music has manifested into the world. The kind words of support from my fans in this time really illustrates the importance of an artist’s work of enlightening the people.

I have also been writing a lot more music in recognition of this responsibility. I started the year working on my next album entitled “Kingstone”. And I’m sure that these experiences will make it a truly great work that reflect the times we’re living in. All in all these past couple months have been turbulent for a lot of the world. I give the Almighty thanks every day that we are still here and that within the turmoil I have been able to connect with my family, self and music on a deeper level.”

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Give thanks Wormbass for sharing with us. Now I realize that you have gained another title, FARMER. Keep doing what you do, always remembering that only the fittest of the fit will survive.

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