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Born to parents Violet Poorman and Owen Douglas, Delwayne ‘Delhija’ Douglas had the virtue of unearthing his musical inclinations from a fragile age. A humble and well-liked youngster, his initial taste of music was strong, from singing in the choir at church and playing make-shift drums in the back yard of his home with elder siblings, singing gospel and classical soul music. He lives for music and his life is music, a philosophy he lives by.

Queen Gee interviews reggae singer and songwriter Delhija, to learn about this new kid on the musical scene:

Where are you originally from? I am from Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, Jamaica, where I still reside.

What are your hobbies? Meditating, creating music, farming and jamming with friends over high reasoning.

When did you start singing professionally? I actually started singing professionally shortly before I left high school, around the year 2008.

What motivated your decision to do music? Some members in my family use to pursue music as a career but fell short so I decided that I will fulfill that dream.

Which local and international singers influenced your style of music? The great Burning Spear, the late Bob Marley, Jah Grid dub poet and chanter, the great Culture and Billy Ocean an international singer influences my music

Do you play any musical instruments? Yes; I do play instruments. I naturally play the percussions and I am now learning the acoustic guitar.

What musical genre do you perform? I perform Roots Reggae music and I will sometimes up the tempo a bit with some Roots Dancehall music.

Do you write your own songs? Yes I do write my own lyrics.

Which producer/s have you worked with to date? Gayle Clunie at Lampshade Music has been my producer.

Name some of the songs you have already recorded. “In you I find it”, “Bruck an nuh av no money” and “Old time loving”, all of which were recorded at Lampshade Music Studio and can be found in all online stores, and on

Which artiste/s would you like to collaborate with? I would love to go in collaboration with any artist who is foundation, has consciousness and morality, and has growth and development for the minds of the population.

How do you balance your music career with other obligations, such as job, family, etc? It is not that hard at the moment, reason being I am not as established as some other artist so where obligations are concern there are not much technicality, but in regards to promotions it’s quite difficult to maintain balance.

What are some of the challenges you are faced with in the entertainment industry? Sabotage is one, piracy is another.

What project/s are you currently working on? I am currently working on my official EP launch, which should be sometime early 2018. A definite date has not yet been set as it’s a work in progress.

What is your most outstanding achievement since becoming a singer/deejay? Thus far, my most outstanding achievement is the responsibility of being a roll model.

What can fans expect from you in terms of stage performance and new releases? Fans will never have to worry about performance on stage for that is a part of my nature, in regard to new release; I can always expect new fans because they will always be getting new music.

Delhija is natural with an art engraved heart of the preforming and visual. Not just music is my inclination, but also some abstract paintings, carving and drawings. None is on social media so you won’t find one there, but in the future I will not hesitate to share my creativity.

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