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Chekca Music

Reggae Singer and Songwriter Chekca has been writing and recording his style of music for decades, releasing numerous singles and two albums to date. We engaged the artiste in an interview to find out about him and his music.


  1. What is your given name at birth? Collymore Gordon
  1. What is your stage name? Chekca
  1. How long have you been doing music? I started my musical journey when I was a young man. I did my first single at the age of 20; it was called “MOTHER BABY”. I used to sing around my community and at my place of work.
  1. Do you specialize in a particular musical genre? There’s something about reggae that is different in my opinion. Even though I listen to all types of music reggae is my first choice.
  1. What motivates your brand of music? I’m motivated by my love of reggae music. It gives me a feeling that I can’t explain and that is why I have to be a part of it.
  1. Which record label are you currently signed to? Presently, I have my own independent label, known as Chekca Label.
  1. Have you produced any albums or EPs since the start of your music career, if yes, please share information with us about these projects? My first album was released in 2010, it’s called MY STORY. A few years later my second album was released, called NO LIE. Now, I am working on my third album that will be released in a few months. Some songs I have released as singles.
  1. Tell us about any new production that you recently released or scheduled to be released soon. My recent single called “MY EVERYTHING” is my latest release and is available at all digital distributors. A music video is also in the works.
  1. What is the song “MY EVERYTHING” about? You know in life we take for granted what our partners do for us and so I decided to express my gratitude to my Queen for being there with me and for me on my journey. I know many can relate to what the song is saying so I recorded it not just for me but for everyone who is thankful for what others do for them in both good and bad times.
  1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What can your fans expect from you in 2018? I am currently doing a lot of promotion and I will complete my third album so I am telling people as much as possible as I can about my music.
  1. How can fans find you on social media? Pretty much I can be found everywhere, on Facebook at Checkamusic and Youtube as Chekca.
  1. How can event promoters or producers contact you? If a producer or a promoter wants to get in contact with me they can find me at or Facebook at Chekcamusic.
  1. Where can we purchase your music? For people who want to buy my music they can find them on ITunes, CDBaby, Spotify and Amazon.

Chekca’s love for music will propel him to continue writing and recording music, no doubt he will be releasing many more albums. So keep up to date with him and his music via social media, especially at FACEBOOK. We will also be tracking his progress so you won’t miss out on anything. CHEKCA ~ MUSIC!


Bookings Contact:
Telephone: 1-239-823-4616

 Social Media:
Facebook: @ChekcaMusic
Twitter: @chekca_music
Instagram: @chekca_music
SoundCloud: @chekca-reggae

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