Rajah Khona’I Music Interview

Reggae fusion singer Rajah Khona’I Music Interview

This music interview gives us the opportunity to get to know reggae fusion singer Rajah Khona’i.


Rajah Khona’i whose given name at birth is Rajiv Bernard, hails from “Columbia Square” Glendevon, St. James. The past student of Anchovy High and Spot Valley High (both schools are located in St. James, Jamaica) now focuses on his dream of writing and singing songs to motivate and uplift others. He can be controversial in some of his beliefs, as you can hear in his new single ‘Never Change’. His eating habit is weird too, but hey, we all are weird in some ways lol. Let’s check him out!

What’s your favourite colour?

Navy blue or Mustard (undecided). I really prefer Black or Grey shade.

What is your favourite food(s)?

Banana and bread, I kid you not. I’m not a foody.

Who was your greatest inspiration growing up?

My dad was my greatest inspiration growing up because of how tough, determined, resilient, principled and fearless he is.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Where I chill and smoke some herbs, listen to chill music and maybe some instrumentals.

What’s your favourite sports and why?

Football, I can play it well and I have a deep connection and knowledge of the sport.

 If you did not become a musician what would you be doing right now?

I’d be playing club football in Europe if I never gave up on that dream, due to lack of support, corruption and lack of knowledge by coaches that I encountered.

What do you want to be remembered for?

For my genuineness, my thorough and straight forward persona, my words of wisdom.

Rajah Khona’I Music Interview


What is the big dream?

I do music because I cannot prevent myself from doing music, it’s a calling. I want to be heard and recognized as someone who really does music from a vulnerable place. I want to heal and free people’s minds.

What motivates the type of lyrics you write?

The passion I have for nature and art. The love and concern I have for the world. The idea that I might create a better environment for my unborn child.

 Who are your biggest music influences?

Protoje was as well as Chronixx but to be honest Chavez IllmatiQ, Teacha Dee, Pag3y, Meschac Element, Riigz and Radix OD are my real inspiration. They motivate me by encouraging me with their works and positive feedback regarding my work.

Name some of the songs you have recorded to date.

I have worked on songs with Square Records and Genesis who is fondly called Genius, too bad someone already goes by that alias. Songs I’ve done at Square Records are “Mobay Heat” in collaboration Kali GRN, Rosh Rebel and Chavez IllmatiQ, “Mary Jane” ft Riigz, an unreleased EDM track called “Electro Lights”, “I Love My Herbs” which is another collab ft Kali GRN, Radix OD & Rosh Rebel

I’ve done work with a few other producers here and there, but the most surprising one was linking up with Beres Hammond’s daughter, The Wixard (Wizard), she is really impressive. I must add that Genesis of Square Records is a remarkable engineer, there is a reason we call him Genius.


I know we are mostly quarantined due to the world pandemic, but what can we expect from you for the rest of this year?

For the rest of 2020 It’s gonna be 2020 vision for me. I have an EP in the pipeline, won’t name any date. Never Change is intended to be on this EP. I will be doing Instagram Live concert performances and pretty much practice music, as well as read on the daily.

Never Change which was released on May 13, 2020 is a song that was written as a subtle protest against monogamy, much controversial in that sense. It also is meant to liberate persons who feel restricted by societal views regarding human nature/polyamory.

Where online can we interact with you and download | stream your music?

You are able to follow my Instagram: rajahkhonai, same for Facebook. You can download my music from Audiomack and Juno Download. You may stream my music on YouTube and buy them on iTunes.

How can you be contacted by event promoters and producers who have an interest in your music brand?

They can contact me via email: rajaheimlubier@gmail.com or telephone/WhatsApp: 1876-889-1797



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  • He is truly a great person and his voice makes me so chill….. Keep up the great work Rajah Khona’i!!!!

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