Queen Ifrica Gearing Up to Release Video for Black Woman

According to the Jamaica Observer Queen Ifrica is gearing up to release the video for Black Woman — track nine from her third album Climb – this month.

The video was shot on International Women’s Day (March 8) under the direction of Nile Saulter. The song encourages women to respect themselves.

“While I was writing the song I was remembering a time when you used to go to dances and women would be afraid to do certain things. Women would love to dance, but it was more the men who were willing to do a lot of the stuff. But I noticed it was becoming the norm for women to go to the party just to beat their vaginas on the ground and behave in a type of way that looks fun at the time, but when they see it back on social media they say, ‘A suh mi did a gwaan last night?’,” she shared with the Jamaica Observer.

“Black Woman was kind of my idea of reminding black women that we’re not boring or stuck up but also we love ourselves and we respect ourselves, so even if you see us dancing and behaving in a particular way it don’t mean seh that’s who we are. The song is not to mock the woman who wants to enjoy herself, just be reminded that you are more than just that — kotching up and skinning out. There’s a lot more to the black woman than her shaking her ass,” she added.

Climb, produced by VP Records, debuted at number one on March 25 last year on the Billboard Reggae Album chart. This marked a first for a Jamaican female artiste in three years.

“Climb is doing wonderfully. It’s an album that don’t get a lot of the big ups and stuff from whom is to do the big ups, but it’s an album that is still selling,” she said.

The Let’s Get Silly singer shared that she is booked all year and will continue to promote her album. Her shows include Reggae on the Hill in Barbados next month and Jamrock Reggae Cruise in December. She will also make appearances this summer in California and Europe.

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