Queen Gee Interviews Reggae Singer Qew Lunel

Pierre Lunel Davilmar Jr. known professionally as Qew Lunel, is a ASCAP member, world artist with the heart and soul to be reggae. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Qew Lunel came from a family of music enthusiasts, starting with Qew Lunel’s mother and father who both played the guitar, also an uncle who was a musician and band leader.

When and why did you start singing professionally? I started at 11yrs old. I started singing professionally because I realized I’m a great singer and songwriter, and want to share my talent with the world.

What are your hobbies? Hobbies include cooking and music engineering, but I’m a student of life above all things.

What motivated your decision to do music? The Love for the music but above all 1st I’m a fan of music.

Which artistes influenced your style of music? Chronixx, Dre Island,  Gappy Ranks, Beres Hammond, Stephen, Damion and Skip Marley, Spragga Benz, Tarrus Riley and many more.

What musical genre do you perform? World

Do you write your own songs? Yes I write my own songs.

Which producers have you worked with to date?

  •  Sean Divine,
  • Decap – “Decap Beats”
  • Gustavo “Master Kush Dub Systems”,
  •  “Lion Rhythms”
  • “Scarecrow Beats”

Name and give information about some of the songs you have recorded. “Take A Knee” Influenced By Colin Kaepernick “Take A Knee” September 2017

  • Social injustice
  • Police Brutality
  • Racism
  • Discrimination
  • Taking A Stand
  • Fighting Back

“Dancing” 2017

  • It’s A Vibe “Good Vibes”
  • Feel Good Music
  • Letting Go/Loose
  • Letting You Body & Spirit Take Over
  • Enjoying the music
  • Great Atmosphere.

 “Who Jah Bless: No Man Can Curse” feat Tajahiniya (2017)

  • Looking out for your fellow man
  • Showing compassion to others
  • Whoever walks in the righteous shall fear no evil or no man

 “These Days” 2015

  • Social injustice
  • Police Brutality
  • Racism
  • Discrimination

Which events have you performed on locally/internationally? Pink Friday, Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser: Pink, White & Black Affair October 2017, Midnight Acoustic Thursdays @ Kingston Bar & Grill July 13, 2017, Autism Awareness: Kids Fashion Show May 27, 2017, Silvana, February 25, 2017, Aquarius & Pisces Dj Club Killa Birthday Bash alongside Hot 97 “Massive B” @ Negril’s February 16, 2017, Fontana’s 2016, Best Bar 2016, Desmond’s Tavern 2016 , Milk River Restaurant & Lounge May 11, 2015.

Which artists have you ever done collaborations with? “Love” feat Treesha & Empress Sherley (next single coming out) “Twisted” and “Who Jah Bless: No Man Can Curse” feat Tajahiniya (the single that is out now), “Love Come Down”, “Rise Up” And “In Vain” feat Mantse Superfly. “No More Lies” feat Laayol V. I’ve also worked with such artist as Young Garvey, Fyah Works and I-Konfidence among many more talented artists.

Which other artistes would you like to collaborate with? I would like to do collaborations with artistes like Chronixx, Dre Island, Gappy Ranks, Beres Hammond, Stephen, Damion and Skip Marley, Spragga Benz, Tarrus Riley and many more.

How do you balance your music career with other obligations, such as job, family, etc? I trust and put my faith in the Most High “Jah”. I do what I can and the rest I put in the hands of “Jah”. That’s all one can really do.

What are some of the challenges you are faced with in the entertainment industry? A major challenge I face in the entertainment industry is getting people to listen to the music. Trying to convince people to give the music a chance.                                                                       

If there was a time, before you were discovered that you felt frustrated, what was the thing or things that uplifted you or “got you over the hump” and ultimately led to your career success? I put my faith and trust in the music. My love for music and the message that I want to share with the world is what keeps me going. Believe in yourself 1st and it’s only then people can trust and believe in you.

What are you currently working on? I’m working on The Youths Live Tour 2018. Some special projects: “The Don Dadada Tribute”, “We Are One Project”, “Natural Vibes” EP with Mantse Superfly, working with “Reality Shock Records” and other producers on some new riddims. “Soul Sonic Sounds” presents “The Remedy” mix tape by Qew Lunel remixed and remastered and released by January 2018.

What is your most outstanding achievement since becoming a singer? Completing my album “Universal Language” (that’s out now in stores such as iTunes, spotify, qewlunelmusic.com and many more) and the positive feedback and reactions from the people and audience. Also working alongside very talented artists and produces, and being a part of great collaborations.     

What can fans expect from you in terms of stage performance and new releases? Expect a great show, to hear great music and for me to give it my all. A show that’s full of energy and positive vibes. I have a lot new releases coming up such as the “Natural Vibes” EP with Mantse Superfly and other collaborations with talented artists.

Music lovers can follow me on social media to listen to my music and get updates about future releases and events: Official website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTubeSoundCloud  Twitter.

For bookings contact Pierre Davilmar of Rock With It Entertainment Inc.
Website: https://www.qewlunelmusic.com
Email: qewlunel@qewlunelmusic.com
Telephone: 347-447-5676

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