Prophet Elijah Calls for Positive Solution in New Single

“Solution to every problem must take a positive form.”

This is the message that Prophet Elijah, who hails from Clarendon, Jamaica is sending out to the masses in his new release “Positive Solution”.

Prophet Elijah, CEO of Sure Shot Music Label and Prophet Elijah Publishing is a talented reggae singer, with impeccable writing skills that he uses to creatively articulate the messages he records, to share his experiences and thoughts on social issues.

Since 2001, the singer has been recording scores of singles and numerous albums, which include his 17 track album “Beautiful Bride”, “Jah Jah Seh No”, two gospel albums; “Y2K” and “Voice of the Future”, all recorded for Sure Shot Music Label and Choice Gospel Singers.

His latest single “Positive Solution” was officially released by digital distributors, Cdbaby on Thursday July 26, 2018. The song was inspired by the Prophet’s belief that much more can be done to bring about positive solution to crime and violence, and other problems we face as a nation and says, “My music can educate Jamaican young and old across the universe. I need people to know that nothing is wrong with the place they live; it is the people they live among.”

He continues, “Nothing is wrong with the country it is the system they created that is outdated and needs to be remodeled, refurbished, and refreshed with new and brighter ideas. Create a system that the law can do what the law needs to do and the court can do what the court needs to do, without prejudice and partiality. Without politician brainwashing the society and having a negative influence on the lives of individuals in the population.”

The Reggae Singer/Songwriter has much more to say on this and other topics; as such he continues to work on putting out new albums for the people to hear his messages, songs of love and more!!

Prophet Elijah on Social Media

Instagram – @/prophet_elijah1
SoundCloud – @prophet-elijah
YouTube – @dickiebonnick
Facebook – @Prophetelijahmusic
Twitter – @prophetelijah33
Cdbaby – @ProphetElijah 

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