Prince Pankhi Drops New Album

Prince Pankhi Drops New Album

Reggae artiste Prince Pankhi is in an optimistic mood as he promotes his new album titled I Love Music.

The eleven-track album was produced by the artiste and released on his Ientourge Recording imprint in February.

Some of songs on the album are the title track I Love Music, Salvation, World Peace, California Mountain and I Can Make You Smile.

“I’m very proud of this project because all the songs carry positive and uplifting messages. It’s a very potent and authentic Reggae project,” said Prince Pankhi.

He added, “I’ve spent many years honing my craft and I’ve grown tremendously as an artiste. This album shows that I am ready to go to the next level in the music biz,” said the artiste.

The Rastafarian entertainer is also working on a seven-track EP titled King Pankhi which is slated to be released this summer.

“The EP is almost finished, I’m not rushing the process, quality is of the utmost importance. It will be ready for release this summer,” he said.

The Westmoreland born singjay is also promoting a single titled Bagwah. The song that was produced by DJ Grace and Father Cut Sleeves Production was released in January.

Also in the pipeline for Prince Pankhi is the release of a new single titled Crisis featuring Jah Marcus.

“I have a new single coming next month with Jah Marcus. I’m also doing some work Claata Bumboo. I plan to release a lot of new music this year. It’s my time to shine now.”

Prince Pankhi given name (Dennis Malcolm) he hails from the community of Delveland in Westmoreland. The former David House member launched his career in 2008 with a single titled My Jamaican Girl.

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