Pamputtae Hopes to Become a Preacher

Is Pamputtae following the footsteps of her former dancehall counterpart Marion Hall, who is now a minister of the gospel?

Pamputtae ponders ministry

According to Sade Gardner of the Jamaica Observer, PAMPUTTAE says she is hoping to become a preacher as she has always had the desire to serve the Lord.

“Me is a God-fearing person and mi grow up in a family where we always a pray. Me always think that it is the right way, but a just the time; I have to wait for God’s timing. Me always have the thinking, too, that mi nuh waan dead inna sin and God’s way is the best way,” she told the Jamaica Observer.

She says she does not want to put herself in a box when it comes to the type of ministry, but will rather be guided by God.

“Anywhere the Lord put me, mi will work with it. He knows what is best for you. Sometimes you will want something but the Almighty knows what is best,” said Pamputtae, whose given name is Eveana Henry.

Dancehall has had its fair share of artistes who have converted to Christianity, the most recent Minister Marion Hall (formerly known as Lady Saw), who baptised in 2015. Other artistes who have made the transition to gospel include Chevelle Franklin, Papa San, and Stitchie.

Pamputtae, however, says she has not put a time frame on when she will retire from dancehall music.

“When the time is right, I will make the transition. I will still continue to do music and not just preaching alone. Music is always a muss, but I will be doing gospel songs,” she said.

Starting out in the early 2000s as a dancer at the weekly street dance Dutty Fridaze, Pamputtae got her break when she did the intro to Goodas Fi Dem by selector Tony Matterhorn in 2006.

She is known for tracks including Sticky Whine, Goody Good, Bad Wuk, and Slim vs Fluffy a collaboration with Spice.

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