Reggae Singer Pag3y Music Interview

Pag3y music interview

In this music interview I am introducing reggae and dancehall singer, songwriter and producer Pag3y to the world! Welcome Pag3y!!

Tell us about your music background and history?

Pag3y is an unsigned Jamaican artiste working as a songwriter with BMI whose government name is Rasheed Page. I was born on the third day of the month of March hence, the 3 in my artiste name.

At an early age I started exercising my musical talent by singing songs done by the great reggae and dancehall artistes, like Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Bounty Killer, Beenie man, Supercat, Sizzla, and many more, while doing chores or just by being alone because I am an only child. My first attempt at committing lyrics to paper was at the age of 12, and by 16 I was already recording and producing my own records.

While attending Munro College, where I completed my high school studies, I balanced school and the groundwork of a solo career by recording music in and around local studios whenever I got the chance. This way I could keep my dream of being a professional artiste alive.

My main desire is to help spread love, fight social injustice and aid in enlightening those who do not have enough knowledge to better themselves, by way of music. That way everyone can get a taste of what freedom really is.

I place emphasis on lyrics, melodies, harmony, message, presentation and performance, as those are critical elements of the music I observed while watching those who came before me.

In 2015, I released a project entitled “I AM”- with the support of my M.I.L Management- Music is Life team (Management/stylist and producers), which comprised of 9 songs explaining the creation process of the person I am today.

Since then I and my team have put together a band named the Kingston 7, which performed “I AM”, live in different places and in the year 2016 took over the UWI Campus by storm.

Pag3y reggae music interview

Since then I made a decision based on all the feedback that I got to focus much more on my creative process and learning the business and since has been working with his cousin Don Kelly A.K.A Ratigan who runs BMG records. He is also an artiste and producer in Portmore, Jamaica who released a single for me entitled Up and Away in 2017, which allowed me to get my first airplay at Suncity radio station with the disc jockey Senator C.

Based on the feedback and knowledge I got from “Up and Away”, I decided that I would take two years to record some quality songs and in 2019 I started releasing my own music, which were two songs namely “Starz”, a dancehall track and a reggae track called “Jah is always there”, which was released by Zojak worldwide.

By the end of 2019 I saw more growth working with more producers such as Lay-z Boy Records, who released a dancehall trap love song entitled Another Day and Street Fame Records that is yet to release a catalogue of recorded songs for me, as well as an EP. Starting 2020 Lay-z boy records released a dancehall trap song entitled Kamehame aimed at fighting social injustice, which I am currently promoting.

 Do you specialize in a particular musical genre?

 Yes I do specialize In reggae, but include all genres with specific songs  to be different.

 What motivates your music?

The culture and the drive towards freedom, self-sufficiency and self-realization. Knowing that this music is an inborn talent, and this is what the almighty sent me here to do. So to do what I do I give thanks.

Who are your biggest influences?

Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Haile Selassie I, Jah9, Kabaka Pyramid and Ratigan A.K.A Don Kelly. These are people who I have heard and seen some of the most progressive ideas from.

Tell us about your latest song.

My latest song is entitled Half-way Tree speaks on the social and economic conditions Jamaican people have to face to make life happen in a post-colonial context. The song is produced by Dwall Productions and was released in this month and is now available on the online stores.

 What feedback are you receiving from its promotion?

My fans love it as well as I have been making new fans because of the song. It is very relatable in a sense where most Jamaicans face the same struggle and most Jamaicans have been to Half-way Tree and seen the scenarios the song highlights. People also have been streaming the song which is a great thing I must give gratitude for.

 Where online is your music available for streaming and purchase?

 Most online platforms, including Spotify | Apple store | Pandora music | Amazon | Deezer

What are some of the challenges you face and how do you handle it?

 The main challenge is promotion, which I deal with by doing what I can when I can. I give thanks for all strength and pray the almighty bless those with the kind hearts and intentions that help.

 What next can we expect from you?

 More music, good business and the development of a record label.

Pag3y music interview on Mystique E-Magazine

 Who would you like to shout out for supporting your music career?

Ratigan, my cousin who is also a producer and artiste, Dreadlox Holmes, my uncle who is also a producer and songwriter, my mother, my friends who do music and the ones who support me continuously and everyone who believes in progress and doing good.

Best wishes to you on your journey to success.

Give thanks for the opportunity

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