Ozioma; Translates to “Good Tidings…The Message”. African in origin; from the indigenous Igbo tribe in Nigeria.

A Daughter of Zion, Alicia “Ozioma” Woods was born on the mystical Island of Jamaica. As her African ancestral name translates to “Good Tidings/The Message”…speaking our truth, singing about our struggles, triumphs and our joy.

She was affectionately named by her grandma, Ozioma, which transcends all coasts to connect her spiritually to her roots.

Her sound is natural, soft and sultry which moves with ease as the tropical breeze of her island home. She invokes a new texture of sound that will inspire a whole new generation, a sound coming out of the “Rock” that will speak in her traditional tones.  Ozioma’s passion for music is shared by her mom who has influenced her creativity and is her number one fan. Resolved, from African bloodline and beautifully Jamaican; an emerald Rastafarian princess on her creative journey.

Socially mature and sensitive to the position as woman of the earth, hand in hand with nature on the path of her first debut Album titled Ozioma “the Message”. Her debut single, Ital Stew suggestively address many life values that relates to the natural balance in a loving healthy male and female relationship.  One could feel a sense of bond that it emits in her message to partners in love, promoting healthy lifestyles.

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