Oliver Samuels’ 56 East Avenue Heads to Georgia this Weekend

US-based Jamaican events promoter Mikey Sparkle is anticipating another successful production as he prepares for his latest project.

The veteran promoter who has been promoting events in Georgia since 2009 is set to produce the first staging of Oliver Samuels new hit play 56 East Avenue, in Georgia, this weekend.

The popular Jamaican roots play which features Oliver Samuels, Volier Johnson, Audrey Reid, Dennis Titus and Lakeisha Willis is currently doing its Florida.

56 East Avenue will make its Georgia debut on Sunday the 30th of September at the Horizons Events and Banquet Hall in Norcross, Georgia.

“I’m looking forward to a big turn out this Sunday, Oliver Samuels is always a big draw in Georgia. He’s very popular, the people love him, and this new play is a hit, it started its US run in Florida three weeks ago, and it has been doing very well. A lot of folks in Georgia have heard about it, and they are looking forward to seeing it,” said Mike Sparkle.

He also added, “Over the years my company has produced a lot of events including stage shows, parties and plays. The people in Georgia know that they can always depend on Mike Sparkle Productions for top-notch events.”

56 East Avenue is written and directed by Oliver Samuels, the play is about a tenement yard in Kingston where the legendary Jamaican comedian first lived when he moved from St. Mary to live in Kingston in the 1970’s

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