What have you been up to lately Oba Simba?

Oba Simba The Arrival reggae musicinterview

This is what Reggae Singer Oba Simba had to say when I checked in on him to find out what he has been up to lately:

“Greetings…lately I’ve working on rejuvenating the farm seeing that we have been getting some rain after a period of dry times

I’ve also been involved in Kongo Jamaica Yaad – “KJY” project. This is a project where a contingency of Jamaican professionals are planning to go to the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) in August 2021 to share our expertise in the area of Music, Dance, Arts, Agriculture, Sports, Natural Hair Products etc.

I’ve also recently linked up with EAM (Established Artist Management) out of the US, and they are doing some promotion and bookings for me worldwide for 2021 and beyond. We are also planning to go into the studio soon. Working on a project with Oba Simba in some different vibes

And finally I’ve also gotten the chance to spend more time with my family, teaching my children and creating a tighter family bond.”

Listen Fighting On Arrival by Oba Simba:

Big things are in the pipeline for the brother and of course its always good to spend time with the family so big respect Singer and keep trodding to higher heights!

Check out his interview with us about his latest album: OBA SIMBA TALKS ABOUT THE ARRIVAL ALBUM AND MORE. You can also follow him for updates on Instagram.



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