Kym Guy & Itrujah releases music video for Nothingness

Kym Guy Releases Nothingness Music Video

Music Soul Child Kym Guy is taking on the music scene with a storm. The artiste who has created her own genre of music has big plans of taking her music to the mainstream market.

“I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I was inspired to do music as it feels good, and I love the vibes I get from it, its awakens an awareness of here and now.”

She recorded her first song at the age of 21 at a home studio in Jamaica with the intention to market her music on an international market.

The artist shares, “I created my own unique sound as you have to find your own sound. It’s a reggae vibes fused with pop, funk, EDM R&B, Rap and Hip hop, and I recently dropped a new single called “Nothingness” ft. Itrujah where you can get an idea of the vibes I promise to bring.

Music Video – Nothingness

Kym Guy continues, “The thing I love the most about music is that its stirs up emotions. In early 2019 when linked up with Itujah he loved my sound, and the rest is history. I’ve also worked with some local and international producers. My aim is to grow my audience and create a space in the industry for myself and I’m doing just that.”

“The industry is a male dominated and its deeply rooted in our cultural gender stereotypical roles being expressed through music. Hence as females we have to do more to make our voices heard,” states Kym Guy

The artiste plans to drop her debut EP early next year. The EP will feature some established artistes and a few top local and international producers.

For more about Kym Guy, connect with her on Facebook at Kym.Teamkapri, Instagram @kym.guy.1, YouTube @Kym Guy or via email at

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