Nnanna Udengwu Music Interview

Nnanna Udengwu interview

In this music interview Queen Gee features the music journey of African Reggae Artiste, Nnanna Udengwu.

Who is Nnanna Udengwu and where in the world are you from?

Nnanna Udengwu is an artist from West Africa, born and originated from Enugu State, Nigeria, and a naturalist, versatile in the world of art such as music, drawing/painting, handcraft like clay, stone and wood carving etc.

For those of us who have never been to your part of the world, tell us a bit about your community and culture.

I grew up in Enugu State, in a peaceful neighbourhood called “New Haven”. A place where people from different tribes, villages with different native languages and culture of Nigeria are residing together as neighbours, thus speak English as central/general national language. Because of diversity of culture from where I grew up, I was inspired to write a community socioeconomic improvement project in 2006 for youth empowerment, which was called New Haven Youth Progressive Association (NHYPA). That later gave birth to another body, New Haven Amalgamated Neighbourhood Association (NHANA). I went through struggles with my friend Hon. Obinna Oji, who was the councillor of New Haven to have the project registered and implemented as it took time. It is now established and providing annual neighbourhood youth social interactive programs, as culture of the town such like carnival, talent hunt, field events/games, etc. for youth empowerment.

Nnanna Udengwu

 If you did not become a musician what would you be doing right now?

Right now am farming in my Village Umuase Ngwo in Udi Local Government area of Enugu State because food is a major priority to life. Without music, I am a farmer, craftsman with little knowledge of video/picture editing. But onto these things, music gives fulfillment more.

 What is an average day like for you?

Average day to me is a progression of learning targeting success at the end of all endeavours. Even do ups and down is a must in life, but is good to always try to improve the art each day through practices and study. I know that the basics of living is to be good at what you do to be of blessing to life both in doing and saying. So I give thanks for every day as is a blessing to the live and understand.

How would you describe you brand of music?

My brand of music is basically vibrating from Reggae Rhythm, grooves to inspire, teach, encourage and motivate the listeners and its goes by my first name “Nnanna”.

What motivated you to do music and who are some of the persons who inspires your brand?

Music to me is self-expressional art that gives innermost fulfillment with informative ability that can last forever. My motivation in doing music came from the realization of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the 1st in seeking to express the love for music and share my experiences, knowledge and understand for global love, oneness and happiness of all. Being a fan of great people like, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite band, The Beatles, Marvin Gay, Fela Kuti of Africa, Buju Banton, etc., I always get inspired to do music.

Nnanna Udengwu reggae music interview

Congratulations on the release of your new single ‘No Smiling Face’, tell us more about it.

No Smiling Face was produced in Enugu State Nigeria by El-Gozzie, released on 24th of April 2020 and is well related to the present corona virus (covid 19) pandemic.

What motivated me to record “No Smiling Face” is to make us understand that life is a special temporal gift that deserves better approach towards gaining global love, happiness and oneness, than what we are globally experiencing as life. Such as seeing people capitalize on their personal interest and advantage to suffer or kill others just to gain illusion and control.

You can download or listen ‘No Smiling Face’ from Spotify | Boomplay | Soundcloud | Pandora | YouTube

How are you coping during this world pandemic?

Life is adaptive and I have no other choice than to adapt with the situation of things right now because it will be risky not to adapt, even though no events to attend. It is not easy for many other people to survive too, but there will always be something to hold onto to live.

If you had one message to give the world during this pandemic what would it be?

My message to the world about the present pandemic is to stay safe and consider growing food in individual ability to learn not to survive depending totally on the economic and commercial standard of the global system. But finding a ways to be fulfilled in support of each other for better world.

I know festivals and other live events are on hold now, but share with us some of the opportunities that are available to musicians/artistes at this time?

As the events and shows are on hold globally, my advice to artists/musicians is to hold strong on to their art and use their social media links to keep their fans busy through virtual performances/daily activities,  and try to promote their work through blogs and playlist pitching to gain more fans and streaming loyalties.

What is the one thing you want the world to remember you for and why?

 What I want the world to remember me for is standing strong in effecting change towards global oneness and love amongst all mankind which supersede all racial, religious, tribal and regional problems. Because with the said consciousness the world will be heavenly and highly appreciated by all, as life is too temporal for us not to care for each other .

Reggae Singer Nnanna Udengwu

How can people interact with you online?

People/fans can contact me through my email addresses and social media links, email: nn_ude@yahoo.com | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram (@nnannaudengwu)

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