Nickeishia Barnes Interview

1. What is your real name? Nickeishia Barnes

2. What is your stage name? Nickeishia Barnes

3. Where are you originally from? I am originally from Arnett Gardens in Kingston Jamaica.

4. What are your hobbies? I love singing, writing songs and poems, listening to music, reading, and watching television.

5. When and why did you start singing professionally? I started singing professionally at age 13 and this was from the support of my older brothers, who were upcoming songwriters and producers themselves.

6. What motivated your decision to do music? Music gave me the opportunity to speak my truth and to be heard.

7. Which local and international singer/s influenced your style of music? My musical taste and style is inspired by the greats from Reggae Music, such as Dennis Brown, Ken Boothe, Bob Marley and Beres Hammond. Internationally, I am inspired by Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, definitely Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, and who can leave out Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige.

8. Do you play any instruments? I am learning to play the piano.

9. What musical genre do you perform? I perform the genre called Reggae Soul.

10. Do you write your own songs? Yes I do.

11. Which producer/s have you worked with to date? I have worked with Bobby Digital, Donovan Germaine, King Jammys, Triple Ace, Icon, Jam2, Music Factory, PsiPhi, France Philpot of Don’t Fight It Records and DJ Dark from Nigeria.

12. Name and give information about some of the songs you have recorded.

  • Rock of Ages – latest musical effort, wrote this song to tell my supporters many thanks for their steadfast support and encouragement.
  • Reach Out – I wrote for my son and others who face new situations and may feel a bit nervous about how to proceed.
  • Sweetest Mistake – I wanted to shed on the issue of giving love to a person/s who are not yet ready to receive it
  • Sha,la,la,la In Love – I wrote many moons a go as I was very much in love and wanted to let the person know how I felt.

  • I Cry No, No, NO – I wrote this song, as I was going through a period where I felt my love for music was defeating me…lol…but others embrace it as a song about unrequited love. This was at a stage where I had left music and was reintroduced to this lover by my now key producer Triple Ace.
  • Hey You – Is a song about how love can be the force that brings light to a persons’ heart even though the world can challenge us with darkness.

13. Which events have you performed on locally/internationally? I have performed on the major festivals in Jamaica such as Jazz & Blues, Sumfest, Nyammings & Jammings Jerk Festival. Kingston Music Week I headlined three (3) events.

14. Which artistes have you done collaboration with? I have collaborated with Anthony B on a song called “Dirty Step Daddy” and Cali P. on an upcoming project called “7th Heaven”.

15. Which artistes would you like to collaborate with? I would love to collaborate with Lauryn Hill, Buju Banton and Damian Marley, as well as Alicia Keys and Fantasia.

16. How do you balance your music career with other obligations, such as job, family, etc? The balancing act can be tricky, but I have incredible family support. It has its moments where it can get overwhelming as in I wish the days were longer, some days it feels like I haven’t slept…But being able to create a story with a song and watch it being received by the audience, is worth the lack of sleep. I am also able to show my son, that hard work and dedication are a part of going for your dreams, he sees mommy pushing as hard as she can to make her dreams a reality.

17. What are some of the challenges you are faced with in the entertainment industry? Getting the product out to the public, in terms of air play on radio and visuals in that of videos.

18. If there was a time, before you were discovered that you felt frustrated, what was the thing or things that uplifted you or “got you over the hump” and ultimately led to your career success? Before being discovered I never got frustrated that’s the weird part, I felt comfortable in making mistakes; I think I needed that phase where I was unknown as a singer/songwriter so that I could mess up and not feel pressured to be perfect cause now I realize that my music isn’t perfection, it’s how I get to speak my soul. I think that stage of being unknown helped to mould me for future works in the public entertainment domain.

19. What can fans expect from you in terms of stage performance and new releases? Fans can expect magic from my music, I am more confident as a writer and I have a sense that these songs from my 2nd EP are going to touch hearts in a way that will keep them begging for more. I feel centered as a woman in music, and in my life in general. I feel I understand my gifts better and I am not afraid to share it, with the world any more, no matter my flaws.

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