Newness Release Inspirational Video for “Usain Bolt” Single on Emancipation Day

Newness Release Inspirational Video for "Usain Bolt" Single on Emancipation Day

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Reggae rising star Newness will welcome the 2016 Rio Olympics with an inspirational single paying tribute to the fastest man on earth, a song he hopes will not only capture the heart of Jamaicans but people from across the globe.  The single is scheduled for release August 2016 on the “Gibralter Masses Music” record label.

Newness has just made public, the official video for his single “Usain Bolt”. Scenes for the video were shot at BMR Entertainment studio in Philadelphia.

The song was written and arranged by Newness (Devon Nunes) around July 2015. The rhythm production was done at BMR Entertainment studio under the watchful eyes of international renowned recording engineer, Boris “Franz” Richards and audio engineer, Michael “Stutter Mike” McClearly.

When asked what inspired the song, Newness said “this song is a tribute to the fastest man alive. Too often in life we wait until a person is gone before giving them the credit and adoration they deserve or earn. What Usain Bolt has done for the past 8 years is beyond belief. I am in awe of his accomplishments. I believe it’s only fitting to pay tribute to a man who has not only dominated the sports but his lifestyle is the standards for all athletes.” The first verse is an indication of Bolt’s remarkable career.

Unstoppable, unbeatable, don in black, green and gold.
Incomparable, unbeatable, his name is Usain Bolt.
O’ thank thee O’ Jah Jah we’ve all lived to see.
A remarkable demonstration of athletic su-prem-acy.
About Newness
A young man who grew up in Grants Pen, Kingston, Jamaica, Newness was drawn to music at an early age, but didn’t take music seriously instead focused on getting an education.  He graduated from Calabar High School in Jamaica and then Temple University after migrating to the United States. In 2009, he began his professional song writing career initially expressing his frustration against the bureaucratic system facing the common people. Many of his songs are an expression of the socioeconomic issues facing the community that he grew up in.

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