Mistajam Co-signed Rapper is Feeling Super in New Single

Bermuda-raised hip-hop talent Bento BDA has landed in the scene at supersonic speed to put his home country back on the map ever since Collie Buddz came through to represent for the tiny island.
At the age of 16, Bento BDA won “Song of the Year” at the UG Awards and throughout the early days of his blossoming career has been supporting major artists like Chris Brown, Joss Stone and The Game.
Mistajam co-signed rapper is feeling Super in new singleAfter being introduced by BBC as one of the most exciting new talents to hit the scene in 2014, Bento BDA’s debut EP, “The Deep” was premiered by MOBO and received rave reviews from critics who praised it’s production and Bento’s flow and lyricism.
Bento BDA managed to build and maintain a strong and loyal fan base that seems to have found the name set to make a big imact. Having recently worked with WSTRN, 2016 is set be the rapper’s defining year.
The rapper shows no intentions of slowing down as he unleashes another huge track that showcases his tremendous talent in producing cutting-edge tunes, his impressive rapping skills and his incomparable style of flow and delivering to his blistering rhymes. His latest single ‘Super’ is the perfect example of what pure and undeniable talent can create when it’s combined with passion and hard work.
Cutting-edge trap production and witty fun lyricism can be found in one of this year’s most catchy hip-hop tracks which sets Bento on his way to becoming one of the most exciting rappers as we head in to 2016!
Super is the first single from the new EP ‘Trapitalist’ produced by SKPZ CPO.

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