Matthew Radics Upbeat About One Eye Man EP

Matthew Radics

Matthew Radics’ first time on stage was when he performed in a play at church, he was only 13 years old at the time. That was the beginning of what would turn out to be a successful career on stage.

Over the past 15 years, the talented Deejay/Rapper has toured the world performing his music for a very diverse fan base.

Matthew Radics is the son of one modern reggae’s most prolific hit makers Jack Radics.

“Music has long been a part of my life; I guess it’s only natural since my dad is a singer and a musician. Over the years as time went by my brother, and I started to take it more seriously, that lead to the formation of Sound Killaz group and label, this was around 2003. At first we were doing a lot of Hip Hop stuff but eventually we decided to focus on Reggae music.”

Matthew Radics and his brother Rivah Jordan recently completed a two-month tour of Eastern Europe, performing extensively in countries such as Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia.

“We had a great time on tour; Eastern Europe is home to some of the biggest music festivals in Europe. We did several festivals including the Exit Festival in Serbia, the Sea Dance Festival in Montenegro, the Overjam Festival in Slovenia and the Ajde Reggae Festival in Belgrade. We also did some club dates. The people in that part of Europe are still a bit traumatized because they have been through a lot of wars over the years, so they are drawn to the peaceful and positive message of Reggae music. The market for Reggae is growing tremendously in that region,” said Radics.

The humble entertainer whose real name is Matthew Bailey recently released a seven track EP titled One Eye Man that was produced by him and Rivah Jordan and well known London based producer Whodiniz. A music video for the title track of the EP has also been released.

“The response to the EP has been excellent; we make good music, and people seem to like what we are doing. The One Eye Man video is also doing well; it’s getting a lot of rotation in the UK, Europe, the Caribbean and other parts of the world,” said the artiste.

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