Lyric Videos for BOTH FEET, GASLIT and YO RASTA by Gia Yee

Reggae Singer Gia Yee shared lyric videos for three (3) featured songs on her new album “Reggae Release” with fans on her Facebook profile on Friday September 7, 2018. The featured songs are BOTH FEET, GASLIT and YO RASTA.


Reflective of her journey, Gia describes her album REGGAE PRESCRIPTION as a cultural roots reggae fusion mix – with some ska beats and dancehall drum lines, and hints of classic funk and vinyl, R&B and electronic dance music. The LP song list includes consciousness-raising tracks “GASLIT”, “ERASED”, “BOTH FEET”, and “ANYTHING”; an upbeat funk infused cultural blending love song called “YO RASTA”, featuring the hidden DJ chanting talents of her producer Mr. Kirk Gayle (aka Neil Keys); two renditions of her self-reflective song “NOTE TO SELF”, presented with horns and a European ska flare; a dancehall and EDM influenced dance tune entitled “MY AVATAR”, whose lyrics cleverly takes its listeners on a ‘dance in the moonlight’; “ISLAND NIGHTS” which embodies the island sounds to the fullest; and the beautiful ballad of “RASTA JACK”, which takes one on a timeless trip connecting past and present – through a song that Gia explains is her personal interpretation of what true love looks like in its most simplistic form.


The videos will be uploaded to Gia’s YouTube Channel soon, but you can listen all there right here:



YO RASTA /featuring Neil Keys

Excited about her music, her first full-length album, and career as a new female reggae artist, Gia Yee expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the many renowned Jamaican musicians and vocalists/harmonists, who provided their talents for her production, giving a special thanks and mention to her co producers Mr. Kirk Gayle, Mr. Wayne Holness, and Mr. Barry O’Hare, whose efforts and expertise helped to facilitate the LP production and bring her latest music project to life.

View and listen all ten (10) tracks on the Track List at One Heart Entertainment. You can also DOWNLOAD your personal copy of “Reggae Prescription”. Follow Gia Yee for updates about Reggae Prescription and other projects at Facebook | Instagram |Twitter | Website.

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