Kmetik Nyne’s Artiste Interview

Reggae Artiste Kmetik Nyne is currently promoting his single “It’s Alright”. He shares with us about the production of the song and his musical journey in an interview with Queen Gee.



Queen Gee: Tell us about your music background and history?
Kmetik Nyne: At a young age I was always around music because of my brothers, but I never had a strong interest for pursuing music as a career. I was more into sports. It was not until four (4) years ago I developed a real connection with music and decided to pursue to the full extent.


Queen Gee: Do you specialize in a particular musical genre?
Kmetik Nyne: I do not specialize in a specific genre; I work with whatever I feel when writing my music, but I also try to stay away from certain topics.


Queen Gee: What are some of the topics you stay away from?
Kmetik Nyne: The topics I try to avoid are violence and overly sexualized music that objectify women. I have a daughter that looks up to me so I have to know what kind of example I’m setting.


Queen Gee: What motivates your brand of music?
Kmetik Nyne: My brand of music is fueled by the conscious movement taking place in the music industry and also things that might be affecting people in present time.


Queen Gee: Who are your biggest influences?
Kmetik Nyne: I grew up listen to Sizzla, but at the same time I was influenced by Burning Spear, Bob Marley and many other legends. Currently I am being influenced by the new generation of reggae, too many to name. But my biggest influence to date is my daughter.


Queen Gee: In what way/s does your daughter influence your music?
Kmetik Nyne: My daughter is my biggest motivator because she in many ways have encouraged me to try my very best to be a better person for her and myself, and be mindful of the music I make.


Queen Gee: Who does your music target?
Kmetik Nyne: My music is made to target the world of course but the world of those who are conscious and seeking positive and uplifting music.


Queen Gee: Tell us about your latest project.
Kmetik Nyne:  My latest project “It’s Alright” produced by Smallaxe mp. Is an uplifting song to remind us of the powers of a smile and keeping positive thoughts through hard times?


Queen Gee: What feedback are you receiving from your promotion your latest project?
Kmetik Nyne: I’ve gained the attention of multiple magazines in France and L.A.


Queen Gee: Where online is your music available for streaming and purchase?
Kmetik Nyne: My music is available on all major outlets. To the readers who will see this go and purchase “It’s Alright” it is definitely a feel-good music that lifts your energy for you to take on the day… Spotify | iTunes | Amazon.


​​​​​Queen Gee: Are there any plans for upcoming concerts/tours?
Kmetik Nyne: At this moment most of my time is spent in studio recording, but every now and then I get call for a spot date. I am working on something special for 2019 though.


Queen Gee: What is that special thing you are working on for 2019?
Kmetik Nyne: Will reveal that when the time is right.


Queen Gee: Who would you like to shout out for supporting your music career?
Kmetik Nyne: I want to big up everyone who have been supporting me since I’ve started my musical journey. I appreciate the love. I would also like to shout out “Real live records” and Queen JoJo my current PR.


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