Khalilah Rose For UK Black History Salute


Reggae songstress Khalilah Rose is gearing up for her upcoming performance in the UK.

She is booked to perform at the Black History Salute concert on Saturday, October 24th, 2015 at Tchances in London alongside Gappy Ranks, Mikey General and Shantiforce.

“I’m really looking forward to performing on the Black History Salute show. This will be my second appearance in the UK. The first time I performed over there was in 2012 on the Jamaica 50th Dance in Southall, Middlesex along with Josie Wales, General Trees and Frankie Paul, it was an awesome experience.”

Always on the go Khalilah recently headlined the Virginia Reggae Festival in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

“The vibes at the Virginia Reggae Fest was great, the people came out in their numbers to hear and support good Reggae music. All the artistes on the lineup did a wonderful job of educating and entertaining, leaving the people uplifted and spiritually fulfilled with the positive energy of Roots Reggae music,” said the artiste.

Just a few days before her performance at the Virginia Reggae Festival Khalilah delivered a breathtaking performance at the Red Bones Café in Kingston.

“This show was my last in a series of local shows for the summer. The vibes and the energy was very strong. The people were really into my performance, Roots Reggae music is alive and well in Jamaica,” said Rose.

Also on the cards for Khalilah Rose is the completion of her sophomore album which is due to be released in April 2016.

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