Jeremey “JT” Thompson

Jeremey JT Thompson“Music is my passion; my life; it brings me closer to the Creator and His Creation!”

Multi-talented Singer/Songwriter Jeremey ‘JT’ Thompson was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica where he grew up and was educated at the Savanna-la-Mar Primary and Petersfield High School.

He makes his first point of contact on a daily basis be his God, the creator of all things, from whom he receives inspiration. He is a Christian who loves and sings cultural reggae, lover’s rock, RnB and gospel music.

He is from a very talented family, which includes: singers, professional dancers and mode and of such he was motivated to pursue a musical career from a very young age. JT has been a Christian most of his life and attends church on a regular basis. Like most musical entertainer, he started singing in the church, where he performed solo acts, as well as being the choir leader for many years. He is now writing and singing his own songs and based on reviews to date his music is doing well.

Persons who listen to his songs would often comment that he sounds like the late Jamaican Artiste Garnet Silks. While JT does not emulate Garnet Silks style of singing/performing, he has acknowledged that the artiste is one of his favourite reggae singers who inspired his humble path in the music industry.

JT now resides in the parish of St. James, where he operates his own home solutions business. Regardless of his other obligations, JT ensures that his love and passion for music is projected to the world at large. Through his musical expression, he is creating a name for himself by performing on stages all over Jamaica where he is receiving much love from his fans, peers in the music industry and producers.

He is currently working with various producers in Jamaica to produce his catalog of songs and will be working on his first album which should be released early 2015.

JT’s songs which are getting fair rotation on radio stations globally includes; “Dem Nah Live Right”, “Alicia”, “Liberate Your Mind”, “What If”, etc.

Look out for this dynamic and melodious singer, with his cool demeanor and a heart of love. He is definitely making a great impact in the music industry.


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