What have you been up to lately Jay Shephard?

Recently I checked in with Bahamian Reggae Singer Jay Shephard to find out what he has been up to lately and he revealed that he is working on developing his personal brand and more!

“I’ve been focusing on developing the Jay ShepHard Brand, building a firm foundation for my entertainment company & mastery of the mind. I’m one who believes that if any man/woman can master their mind they will have the ability dictate their future with precision. My solo focus right now is seeking the kingdom which is hidden within so that all the things I desire will be added unto me,” says Jay Shephard.

Jay Shephard

Thanks for sharing with us Jah Shepard, big respect and all the best on your mission to achieve the things you desire.

Check out Jay Shephard on Instagram for more about the artiste and his music.



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