Jamaican Rapper, Dyce Eyes Musical Stardom


Kingston-based Rapper Dyce is confident that he has what it takes to breakthrough on the local music scene.

“I know that Rapping is not yet an established art form in Jamaica, but a lot of Jamaicans love Rap music. I believe I have the talent to become Jamaica’s first local Rap Star,” said the artiste whose real name is David Sommerville.

Dyce’s love affair with Rapping began in the late 90s when he was in his final year at the Edith Dalton James High School in Kingston.

“In my early high school years I studied sculpting. I was really good at it and I wanted to become a professional sculptor but one day during farm time I began Rapping and everyone went wild. From that day, I decided to become a Rapper. After that, I started writing rhymes and battling other Rappers until I got really good at it,” said Dyce.

The hardworking artiste who list 2 Pac, Jay Z & Fabolous as his musical idols launched his recording career in 2001 with a single called Real Slow.

“Over the years, I have been working very hard, trying to get a break. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m not giving up.”

Dyce is currently promoting a single called Like You ft. Turbulence on his Dyce Records imprint.

“I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about this song. The video for is getting a lot of hits on YouTube.”

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