Jah Strenght Promotes ‘Never Need Yuh’

Never Need Yuh - Jah Strenght

With a growing interest in the music industry more talented artistes are coming to the forefront.  Many have argued that their music has been benched by deejays while some artistes are breaking barriers and pushing their music more aggressively. Recording artiste Jah Strenght is one such artiste promoting his newly released single ‘Never Need Yuh’.

The single on the ‘Hands N’ Heart Record Label’ has been receiving great reviews and air plays locally and internationally. Additionally it has lead to a growing fan base in the Caribbean and the United States. He said “While I am not new to music a lot of people still don’t know who I am, so this single is my way of sharing my struggles and successes with others and to help me garner the attention of media”.

The artiste based in Harbour View in Kingston has also shot the video for the single and is eager to release it on local media this week. His last video feature was for his single ‘Owa Time’ on the ‘School Fee Riddim’ Medley produced by Subkonshus Music. He added, “A lot of persons know me as an affiliate of Subkonshus Music but now I am with Hands N’ Heart which is based in Harbour View where I am from”.

The ‘Never Need Yuh’ artiste who draws his inspiration from dancehall/reggae artiste Erup is now on the promotional trail and is eager to start his media runs to promote the new single and video.

To follow Jah Strenght’s progress fans can follow him on Facebook and Instagram @JahStrenghtMusic.

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