Jah Bouks Confirmed for Diaspora Festival 2017

Angola singer Jah Bouks is confirmed to perform at the Diaspora Festival in Gambia, which will be held from December 28 – 31, 2017.

He recently shared with his fans on linkedin that he is confirmed for the festival and there is no doubt that his African fans will be turning out to see him live in action.

Jah Bouks is a conscious artiste with a powerful message:

My mission in life is to create great music; the kind of music that hopefully will stand the test of time to transcend all color culture boundaries and class and in so doing will to some degree promote peace, love and harmony. Words to all, is never wait on things to happen but rather pull up your selves rally to make it happen a team that works to gather makes dreams become reality.

His hit song Angola has received 7,163,637 views on YouTube since being uploaded in 2013. More about Jah Bouks on Linkedin.

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